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Why choose ShaperStyle?

ShaperStyle is a recognized and trusted international brand, our brand is reputed to have the most effective EMS devices, with proven results.

We are proud to contribute in a healthy and dynamic lifestyle of our customers!

How Do I Cancel My Order?

Changed your mind and do not wish to buy the product that you have ordered?

Within 24 hours from the date of purchase, just write to us at:

contact@shaper-style.com asking for a cancellation. After the cancellation of a pre-paid Order, a full refund will be initiated to your account within 2-3 days through the same mode that you had used for the payment.

How Do I Track My Order?

Click on ‘Track My Order' or click Here.

Are ShaperStyle products safe and comfortable?

Yes, our EMS stimulators are very comfortable and reliable.

This technology continues to be widely used in hospital environments, physiotherapy clinics, chiropractors, spas and health clubs.

Gel pads are very soft for the skin and are even suitable for people with sensitive skin.

6 different modes with 15 progressive intensities so you can adapt to your fitness level.

How often should i use EMS?

You can use our devices on a daily basis for 20 minutes, we advise to use 4-5 times a week.